Algues & Mer is the only company harvesting seaweeds on the island. In a 100% sustainable way: the company put in place GPS cartography to collect brown seaweeds parcel after parcel. So, freshly harvested parcels are not exploited during 3 years at least. The hand cutting harvest method, 30 cm above the seaweed holdfast, provides regeneration stimulation and a quick new growth.


In the middle of Lampaul bay, Algues & Mer farms a very special red seaweed: Asparagopsis armata, or Neptune Harpoon. Algues & Mer is the only company worldwide practising this farming, thanks to a patented technique inspired by asian ancestral practices.

After a positive judgment of IFREMER, a 5 ha marine concession was given by the French government, now used for a 13 km submerged network. Taking of cuttings is done every year in autumn, from wild seaweeds. Harvest happens between february and april.